Organization Overview

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About us

Association NameJapan Professional & Licensed Interpreters Association (JPLIA)
PresidentYoshiaki Todoroki
Main Business・Interpretation and translation services
・Interpreter and translator training program
・English education business (Eiken, TOEIC, TOEFL)
・Consulting services (human resource development))
Capital Stock300,000 JPY
Kuwano Building 2F, 6-23-4 Jingumae, Shibuwa-ward, Tokyo, Japan 150-0001

Phone: +81 80 3400 4453
Number of Employees10 people (including part-time and registered staff)
Date of EstablishmentDecember 16, 2014
Number of MembersApproximately 970 free members (as of May 1, 2020)
Main CustomersEn Clair Inc., Health Expert Allience, Value Create Inc., OCiETe Inc., Agaroot Academy etc.
Corresponding BanksSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Tsurumi Branch (Branch number 572) 
Regular Account: 7324745
Account holder’s name: Japan Professional Licensed Interpreters Association (JPLIA)
Tax AdvisorTAXAC
Accounting PeriodNovember
HistoryDecember 2014
Established JPLIA.

August 2018
Started CSV activities.
Started English education business.

December 2018
Launched Translation business.

January 2019
Launched Interpreter training business.

February 2019
Started Interpreter training program, with classes in Japanese and English

July 2020
Started Simultaneous interpretation service
Launched YouTube translation business.
Started Simultaneous subtitling translation

Membership Registration

By registering as a member of the JPLIA, you will be able to receive information about [Interpretation Examinations], [Interpretation Contests], [International Conferences on Interpreting], [English Education, Interpreting and Translation Seminars], [Language Classes] and more.

In addition, when you take advantage of our courses, seminars, and services, you will receive many benefits, including member priority acceptance, early bird discounts, and member discounts.

How to register

■Annual membership fee 100,000 yen (110,000 yen incl. tax)

■(Individual) Annual membership fee 10,000 yen (11,000 yen incl. tax)

Your name (if you are a corporate member, please include your company name) and

Please include your address, email address (PC and mobile), and mobile phone number in your message and send a “Membership Registration” email to the address below.


If you are a [Corporate] or [Individual] member, please pay your annual membership fee by bank transfer to the bank account indicated in the above [Organization Profile].