Message from the President

To all of our customers, business partners, and related parties who are loyal customers of the Japan Professional & Licensed Interpreters Association (JPLIA), thank you very much for your sincere support. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

A new coronavirus, reportedly from Wuhan, China, brought the global economy to a halt and is still It has affected the lives of many people. This has affected the business activities of Japan’s major corporations, resulting in the suspension of all normal business operations and the consequent disruption of the JPLIA also had a long period of time when interpreting and translation services stopped completely.

Nevertheless, in an effort to make effective use of this time, we have been working to turn a pinch into an opportunity, even if only a little, by providing English language content through YouTube and revamping our website.

Finally, in June, the business finally started to move a little bit.

The JPLIA has been promoting the spread of translation technology, the sound development of the interpreting and translation industry, and English education.

In order to increase Japan’s international competitiveness, the English proficiency of the Japanese people needs to be raised to a higher position in international rankings.

To achieve this, English education should not be conducted with a business-oriented approach alone, but rather with a focus on long-term social value, even if this means abandoning short-term economic rationality.

JPLIA is still small in scale, but we hope to contribute to society by training professional interpreters and translators who can work in any industry and at any company, and by sending them out into the world, we hope to gradually build up trust in society.

Today, we are receiving an increasing number of requests for services such as videoconferencing and YouTube translation, and we are aware of the changing demands of our clients for interpreting and translation services.

The JPLIA will continue to provide interpreting services that exceed the expectations of our clients and contribute to society through high value-added interpreting services.

We thank you for your confidence in our business and your continued support.

June 5, 2020.

Japan Professional & Licensed Interpreters Association 


 Yoshiaki Todoroki