Diversity and Inclusion

a place where you can shine for the rest of your life.

JPLIA welcomes the diversity of its human resources and declares its commitment to diversity and inclusion so that we can make the most of our individuality to create value.

The idea of “barrier value” where handicap becomes value

At JPLIA, for those who need a little more support than others, we provide a job or a job that allows them to shine their best. We will offer you a way to work. We embrace the concept of barrier value, which is the idea of turning handicap into value, and which we work with you to figure out how to create a barrier value. It’s our job to find the value.

To help women become more active in society.

JPLIA is committed to empowering women to be more active in society by providing them with professional skills.JPLIA is committed to supporting the development of women’s skills in all organizations around the world by providing them with a way of working that enables them to balance family and work, and by creating a system that reduces their burden and makes it easier for them to work.

To a society that doesn’t even need the concept of LGBTQ

At JPLIA, we’re all about what kind of person you like and who you are and we will create a society where we don’t even have to worry about what we want to do. Favors for a person are natural for anyone who is attractive to them, as long as that person is attractive.

You don’t even have to come out as such in the first place, and you don’t have to take a special approach to LGBTQ people.

At JPLIA, we’re committed to creating a warm and welcoming society where people can be themselves at all times, so that the word LGBTQ doesn’t even need to be used.

The past is in the past.

At JPLIA, we believe that the past has no future, and we do not judge a person based on his or her family background, education, or education.
We don’t judge a person by what kind of education he or she had, especially when it comes to college education, which is largely influenced by family circumstances, regardless of the person’s wishes. We are not interested in the past, which is beyond our control. The important thing is to ask yourself, “What do you want to do now? and “What do you want to be in the future? It is just a hope that we can make a difference. All kinds of values are also strongly influenced by the family environment.All the stereotypes and assumptions of “this is the way it has to be” need to be reset as well. And I value the idea that this is the way it should be. You can’t control your past, but you can control your future.

It’s okay to have different personalities and value standards.

At JPLIA, we respect all individual personalities and values, whether you are social or introverted, a team player or an individual player, clear-spoken or soft-spoken.

The “this is what you should do in this situation” would be perceived differently by someone with a different type of personality than you.This is not done on purpose, but rather because each person has a different pattern of behavior that they think is correct, which is sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes hurtful.

However, when we share the common understanding that each person has a different set of personalities and values, we don’t have to have painful feelings for ourselves or have any feelings for the other person.

We believe that diversity comes from knowing the “color” of a person and respecting each other.

Every opportunity for every person.

At JPLIA, we offer every opportunity to help our diverse workforce reach their full potential.

We will continue to create job opportunities, learning opportunities and initiatives to help you shine in your life.

Let’s work together to create a world where you can be proud of the color you are.